Review: Annie Thompson “I am Not the Police”

I went to Annie Thompson’s recent fashion show, “I’m Not the Police” in Toronto’s East End. Her Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection was a sharp reflection of the East End yummy mummy cliche with its artsy vibe and louche draping fabrics.

Jakob Burkhardt

There were some Japanese influences seen in the layering of fabric and texture, but the overall look was an odd blend of young and old. There were baby t-shirts and tops printed with variations of “I’m Not the Police” on them. This jarred when paired with some of the more luxe items in the collection such as a Lacroix-inspired high-waisted skirt.

Jakob Burkhardt

Apart from the distraction of the wordy pieces, the collection has some great textural elements like ruching that added drama.

Jakob Burkhardt

Thompson’s been around for many years and had some of her clients model some of the pieces. Based on their smiling faces and their walks, they loved the collection. And that is the measure of success – if your loyal clients love it and are willing to buy.

More of Annie Thompson’s collection.

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