A recent car article: Rules of the road: Highway etiquette.

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I get a column where I get to rant about bad driving. I have to admit it’s fun and the readers seem to really get into it.

Rules of the Road: Highway etiquette

I had a job that meant I was on the 401 on a daily basis. Prior to that I was commuting from Mississauga to Toronto for school. This meant I was logging a lot of time on the highways. You expect some bad driving – that many cars on the busiest highway in North America means someone is going to do something silly.

I expected to be cut off or to see some poor merging. What I did not expect was a guy reading a newspaper at the wheel.

Seriously, he was calmly reading the paper while steering with his knees. On the 401. I guess he really had to catch up on the news of the day before heading into the office. That man is not the only person to do stupid things on the highway. I’ve seen a lot of women applying make-up as they drive or wait for the lights to change.

And I’m not the only one who has said, “That woman is driving and putting on her mascara. I’m amazed she hasn’t put her eye out.” Granted, traffic was currently at a stop, but that act endangers us all. She was focused on applying her make-up — meaning she wasn’t paying attention to the road. If something had happened, would she have been able to react in time?

I’m not the only one who thinks it’s both hilarious and silly. If you do a search on ‘things people do in their cars on the highway’ you get millions of hits. This site has some hilarious comments (warning, may contain offensive or sexual language.)

The top violations seem to be:

  • Applying make-up
  • Using mobile devices
  • Reading the papers
  • Eating

What have you seen drivers do inside their cars? Are you one of them?

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