The Rewind Button: The Beatles or The White Album

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The Beatles or The White Album

It’s not actually called the White album. It’s called The Beatles but because it’s white, well, there you go.

This post is going to start with me eating my previous words about the Beatles. In my review of Rubber Soul, I admitted I didn’t like the Beatles. Trip Wilkins, who took the time to read my post on Rubber Soul, explained the phenomenon of the Beatles and their talent.

“The Beatles also were masters of the ‘hit song’, and they had a methodology that set the standard for all musicians that followed. As a musician, I can still hear the Beatles arrangement techniques EVERYWHERE, on the top 100 pop charts.”

So I kept his comment in mind when listening to The Beatles and he’s right. I really enjoyed this album despite its dissonance. Yes, dissonance. The band was in the middle of fighting with each other. Ringo Starr actually quit the band for a while. The other three, George, John and Paul would work in three different studios on their own songs. I think this tension, while not good for the band, really highlights the four men’s writing talents.

Paul’s work was very pop-oriented. Take Ob-La-Di, ob-La-Da. How many of you remember this show?

Yeah, you feel old now, don’t you?

George Harrison delivered the gorgeous While My Guitar Gently Weeps which reflects his strong spiritualism and brings him out of John and Paul’s shadowsHe was assisted by Eric Clapton who played a role in his relationship with Patti Boyd a few years later.

Then there’s John’s music. His politics heavily influences his music and yes, that’s Yoko Ono you hear on his music. Ringo Starr, who was often neglected thanks to the other three, contributed two songs to the album.

So yes, the album itself could be considered incoherent but it really showcases their talent. Unfortunately, it’s also the beginning of the end.

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