How much money? Ouch!

Tomorrow, four times the usual payment is coming out of my account and going on my mortgage. I try to save up so I can do lump sums as well as pay a little extra every fortnight. The thing is, after I called my bank and asked them to take out that money, I hung up and felt a little sick. That’s a lot of money.I spent a little time thinking of what I could do with that money . I could take a trip somewhere; two trips if I went to an all-inclusive and lay around on a beach.

I could probably get most of a floor for my living room. (I currently have carpet). I could buy a TV with a box PLUS get an iPad and probably a pair of shoes.. instead I went the responsible route and put the  money towards debt.

Look, I write about money and paying down debt and all that but even though I know I’m doing the right thing, there’s always that spilt second where I think, “God, this hurts.”


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