No Minimum Mondays

I wrote a quick blog post about Free Shipping Day last week and I got an email from Anna of telling me about No Minimum Monday which is tomorrow, December 10th.

No Minimum Monday means exactly that. You won’t have to have a minimum amount in order to qualify for free shipping.

This is the second No Minimum Monday. Eleanor Salinas, the coordinator of the free shipping event says in a press release,” People hate paying more than they have to for something they buy, and that’s what shipping fees are viewed as, an extra annoying cost.” Salinas continues, “I’m pretty excited to see some of the big brand names who are offering totally free shipping this year.  Brand names such as Roots, Snapfish, Sony and Dell are in the listings for this year’s event.”

Yup, minimums and shipping fees are irritating. Again, yes, I know why they exist but still, irritating.

Thanks for this, Anna!


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