Running. Outdoors. Argh.

I never put up nice selfies. Just the ones where I am nothing but a big ball of fleece and spandex.

This is what I wore this morning to jog/walk in -10 degree centigard weather today. Running tights with a running skirt over them. Two shirts – one short- and one long-sleeved. A fleece. A hat, scarf and gloves. And my phone.

I’m an apathetic runner at best preferring to knock out 5k on a treadmill but this year I’m transitioning to the outdoors. That means running in all weather while training to run away from zombies.

The goal is the St. Patrick’s Day 5k but the actual goal is to get outside three times a week and just run.

I’m using MapMyRun and Nike+ for the stats and Zombies, Run! 5k for the story and training. All are available on Apple and Android OS.

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