The BlackBerry Z10

Zed-10 that is.

BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Curve

I attended the Toronto launch of the BlackBerry z10 (and the Q10 which comes out later this year.) You’ve probably read all the reviews of the Z10 so here are my thoughts. 

Is it ground-breaking? No. The OS is pretty good and I do like the virtual keyboard because you make less mistakes typing than say, the Samsung SIII. What the Z10 does is bring BlackBerry more in line with the other smartphones on the market.

What it doesn’t have is Instagram – something that was noted yesterday by everyone. It does have it’s own photoediting software but it’s not as diverse or shareable as Instagram. They need to get on that.

Finally, they should have launched with the Q10 – the one with the actual keyboard. People like the keyboard. That’s one of the top reasons why people kept their BlackBerry. The actual keyboard.

Two side notes – where is the voice recorder on this thing and Q10 makes me laugh since it reminds me of this:

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