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There is a man who is spending 2013 living off of sponsorships. His name is Zach Bussey. I know Zach very casually, following him on Twitter. When I read about his project which is called A Sponsored Life, I immediately set up an interview because I wanted to be first with the story. (Not competitive at all!) I wrote it for Forbes.

This is Zach in his bedroom. Yes, it’s that stark. The sleeping bag is from his grandparents. The egg cartons padding is for his back. 

 Zach is relying on sponsors to provide everything, including food. He does have $100 a month as an emergency fund and a few items from his seed suitcase but other than that, his food comes from corporations and businesses willing to sponsor him.

That is freeze-dried chicken teriyaki and rice.

I was interested in speaking with Zach because we’ve all heard of month-long projects but a year-long project which includes relying on strangers to keep you going is, obviously, bigger in scale.

Zach is doing it for many reasons and there’s a nice charitable element as well. You can find out more at A Sponsored Life. He has videos, blogs and podcasts documenting his journey.

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