Let’s talk lingerie

I’ve joked before that my neighbourhood is lingerie central. If you want to pay three figures for a bra, you come to my neighbourhood. Within five minutes walk there are four lingerie stores – La Senza, Secrets From Your Sister, Beestung and Tres Jolie.

Lingerie store Beestung at Yonge and Eglinton

Beestung at Yonge and Eglinton

Why do I mention this? Because I love lingerie and while I don’t mind buying Chantelle, Lejaby and Marie Jo (sometimes and only when I really need to replace items), I also like learning about new brands, especially if they’re Canadian.

I’ve written about Canadian fashion before, especially where to buy it. There are many Canadian lingerie lines like With Love Lingerie and Fortnight, which is currently being displayed in the window of Secrets From Your Sister.

Secrets From Your Sister, obliquely opposite from Beestung. Yes, really.

So when a press release about GlobLove lingerie from Montreal ended up in my inbox, I was immediately interested – underpinnings are important! If you’ve wriggled, wrestled or swore your way into Spanx or resisted tugging your underwear… well, let’s just say that lingerie that fits is amazing.

GlobLove skews for a younger market so if you like underwire, GlobLove probably isn’t for you.

One of the body suits available at GlobLove.com. It retails from $64.


If you do like bodies and bralette sets, then check out GlobLove. Now to find it in the lingerie stores in my neighbourhood.

Tres Jolie on Yonge and Eglinton.

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