Tips for getting outside

Barre Beautiful, Yonge and Eglinton, Ballet studio, ballet class

Barre Beautiful at Yonge and Eglinton. I go with a friend at least once a week.

March teases us. One day is warm and dry and the next day is cold with flurries. We’re eager to get out of our coats and into sandals but sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get outside.

And who could blame us? We’ve had too much of this cold weather and choosing comfort over action is the easier choice but how can we change this!


They’re not just for your kids. Make a playdate with a friend, your partner or yourself. Write it down in your calendar and then do it. A new ballet studio opened in my neighbourhood to the great excitement of five of us. A friend and I have already attended a class together and plan on doing more. Ok, we had plans recently but I slept through my alarm. It happens so don’t beat yourself up.

If dance isn’t your thing, set up a standing coffee, drinks or an exercise date. Not only do you get outside but you nurture a friendship.

Set a Destination

This last weekend I walked over to a street filled with restaurants and independent boutiques. I hadn’t gone there since September because it has been too cold and I didn’t want to walk that far. I decided that I was going to walk there to check out a few stores and browse around. I found myself lingering, popping into stores and even buying some olive oil.  It turned out to be a great day and reinvigorating!

Get Out in Your Neighbourhood

Sometimes you need an outside influence to get you moving. It’s easy to cancel on friends but classes? Where you’ve paid money? That’s a little harder. Your local community centre should have many classes, including art or fitness. Find one that interests you and go every week. Treat yourself to a coffee after class.

Get a Pet

Nothing gets you moving like a pet that needs to be walked. Cats don’t count unless you’ve trained it on a leash. A pet is a daily appointment to go outside.

Try a New Hobby

Biking, skating, running, yoga in the park – all of these will get you outside.

What you’ll find is that by getting out now is not only will you be more active for yourself and within your community but your summers won’t feel as short. Why? Because instead of waiting until May or June to get busy – you are giving yourself an extra two months!   I will leave you with a final piece of advice, dress in layers!. As I said in the beginning, March likes to tease us so wear layers to stay warm and dry.

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