Trying to be open-minded about condos at Yonge and Eglinton

I really do. I live in one, I see the point of going vertical but I saw this today on my way to visit a friend: 

Hellendale at Yonge and Eglinton

There are two proposals for a zone amendent to put up condos. One is 22 storeys and the other is 24 storeys. Right next to each other.

Across the road – as in literally across the road is the condo proposal from the Rockport Group.

That one, if you recall from a recent post, is proposed at 26 storeys, not including the post office. Picture these three condos, with parking spaces, on this one street. The infrastructure needed to deal with the traffic – both cars and people – would be immense.

That, and the thought of these going up  with the noise and the ugly glassness of them – is really pushing at my NIMBYism.

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