Review: The Burberry store at Premium Outlets in Halton

I went into the Burberry store at Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton  Hills today. I was visiting so decided to check it out because hey, Burberry on discount? Couldn’t hurt to see what was on offer during the sales.The store had a lot of accessories and coats – the items that people want. Discounts were relative – a Burberry London or Brit short trench was on offer for $300 – a Boxing Day price. Bags were on sale ranging from $600 to $1,200 depending on the size and hardware.
Hardly any of the clothes were made in the UK. A lot of them were made in China. Burberry stopped production in the UK in the late 2000s and is fighting an intellectual property case in China. For people who might be looking for the history behind the brand, it’s gone.
You would have better luck checking the secondhand market (eBay, consignment stores, Value Village, etc.)  where you could find a Burberry (or Burberrys as Juan-Carlos pointed out) coat that was made in the UK.

I watched people scoop up trenches, including the foiled coats from last few springs, bags and scarves in the traditional print. For those who want the brand association, there are deals to be found.

Though I still don’t understand the line-ups to get into Coach and Kate Spade. Also, why some stores, which are not busy, would not let you try on clothes. That’s you, Danier.
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