Things I like: Kiehl’s (and also why they’ve lasted)

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No matter what hair mask/masque I use, I come back to this one. Kiehl’s is raising awareness of their product (I didn’t know they needed to) but it wasn’t the product that I was interested in. I’ve used Kiehl’s for nearly a decade. I’ve used other products but I always come back to them. Their sunblock is amazing – non-greasy with a high SPF that doesn’t leave that horrible white film on brown skin.

No, what I find interesting is that Kiehl’s has been at Yonge and Eglinton for a decade. It’s seen stores come and go and it’s still there. Apart from the cult favourites (Creme de Corps, etc.) that keep people coming in, here’s what I think keeps them around.

  • Store design – it’s light and airy. You want to walk in.
  • Customer service. Excellent
  • Product knowledge – they know what is in their products and how they work.
  • They’re happy. That makes a huge difference. I don’t need people to be happy to see me. Of course not. I do want them to at least acknowledge my existence and do it politely. Yes, you Holts.
  • Practical – the location. The next one is at Bloor and it’s within Holt Renfrew. The other close one is at Yorkdale, which isn’t far but a bit of a pull if you take public transport. Kiehl’s at Yonge and Eglinton makes it easy.



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