Bulk cooking, food wastage and the Eatby app

I am terrible at bulk food cooking. I can do it but I’m inconsistent about the doing of it. I’ll do it for two or three weeks and freeze all the containers. But by week four, I don’t bother to do groceries, then I have nothing in my cupboard/pantry/fridge and I’ll order in or buy lunch. Then I do that for a week or two. I start to feel guilty about all the money I’m spending because Mint will tell me – and for some reason, I always picture Mint’s emails to have a slightly scolding tone – and I go back to bulk cooking.

Then I do it again and again and again. Vicious cycle.

Sometimes this leads to food going bad. I toss out food. Not a lot but enough to know that I’m contributing to the $31 billion dollars of food wasted by Canadians each year. That’s not a great number and you know that if you’re buying food and not using it, you’re also wasting money.

Since a woman can’t live on avocado toast alone, it’s time to smarten up about food purchases, cooking and the use of. Plus, hey, saving money. I’m going to get back into bulk cooking – making menus, shopping smartly, etc. I’m also to add some more tech into my kitchen. No, not just whipping out the Food & Recipes board on Pinterest, but by trying the Eatby app.

I got the press release this week and it sounds interesting enough to try out. Steffan and Barbara Lewis say:

But the husband and wife creators of the EatBy App claim their app will be the first practical personal tech solution to the problem of food waste. It is a simple to use Smart Kitchen App that effectively helps manage the food in your kitchen and lets you know when food items expire. The optional integrated shopping list will also help reduce buying too much food in the first place.

Now, I have no idea how it’s going to work – the app won’t be released until June 5 (on Android), which is World Environment Day – but I’m interested enough to try it out. I’ll try it out for a month and see if it makes any difference in my current shopping and food usage behaviours.


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