If you’re going to cover your shoulders: Masha Apparel

I  popped into Stylist Box to see what they were up to for Tiff. Gail and Christian (disclosure, friends of mine) were dressing some of the celebs here for the festival.

I won’t go into what they were wearing – other people will do that. But I wanted to show this gorgeous piece of clothing from Masha Apparel. Since it’s getting colder, this is a fun way to cover your shoulders at parties. More fun than a cardigan. 

Doing TIFF with a difference and Benedict Cumberbatch spotting

I’ve done the Toronto International Film Festival as accredited media when I was covering an entertainment maternity leave at Sympatico. It was fun and extremely tiring – our team worked for 11 days straight covering films, pressers and the parties. I slept for two days straight after the festival.

This year I decided to do it as a civilian – buy a ticket package, chose my films and line up with the crowd. No press screenings, no media pass, no nothing. Just lining up with the rest of Toronto. I did it with my friend, Diane, who wrote about the experience here. 

Toronto Premium Outlets

I popped into the new Toronto Premium Outlet this weekend on my visit to my parents. Or rather, Dad dropped off my mother and me because parking was nuts. People were circling, looking for parking. They were paying $10 to park in an auto mechanic’s lot across the road or parking in the cemetery parking lot.

Surprises in the back

I met up with Celia to celebrate her birthday. Her choice of pub was, honestly, a bit surprising because it doesn’t really have much curb appeal. It’s Kramer’s at Yonge and Davisville. Not that great on approach but there is a surprise in the back:

Zara pleated skirt


This time of year, thoughts turn to fall fashion. As a friend said this week, “I’m ready for fall fashion, I’m just not ready for fall.” That sums up my attitude as well. Fall fashion, yes. Fall, no. 

Work post: MIZ by Izzy Camilleri

I wrote a short piece on Izzy Camilleri's second collection for her MIZ line for Globalnews.ca. Her creativity continues to amaze me.   [caption id="attachment_2804" align="aligncenter" width="655"] Some of the models wearing MIZ by Izzy Camilleri (center). Photo by George Pimentel.[/caption]...

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An evening at the Ex

One of the joys of getting older is realizing that there is a beauty in traditions. I love my family’s tradition of making pastelles for Christmas or of not eating turkey for Thanksgiving.

What I’m also loving (and rediscovering, to be honest) is the tradition of going to the Canadian National Exhibition (The CNE) or as it’s commonly known, the Ex.

Finally settling in after four years

I think I’ve finally put down roots. After all, it took three years to decide on a colour to paint my walls and now, in year four, I’ve made the move and ordered bookshelves.

It’s really time to stop treating my place like a rental. I can’t do massive renovations but I can do some small things to perk the place up. The goal, as I was telling a friend in the same situation, is to think jewel box – a small place filled with treasures you love in colours you love and is comfortable and welcoming.

How to buy art

Art can be a intimidating world, especially for new collectors. It seems that everyone understands what going on except you, which can make it difficult to buy your first piece.

But art expert and collector, lawyer Peter Hort says it’s not that difficult. It’s really about educating yourself, setting a budget and sticking to it.