The Modern Corporation and the Public Interest

This was a piece I worked on for the CFA institute. It's the last piece John C. Bogle wrote for Financial Analysts Journal. In the piece, he looks at the challenges associated with the rise of institutional investors and the concentration of stock ownership...

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In Defence of Big Weddings—Like This $65,000 One

When Laycee Catalano, 29, and Gavin Hepworth, 30, married in this past May in Toronto, their wedding party had six bridesmaids, six groomsmen, three ring bearers and two flower girls. The hall for their reception had three chandeliers and gold decor. Catalano wore a Pnina Tornai dress she bought at Kleinfeld Canada and the couple’s 269 guests had the choice of two kinds of pasta at the pre-dinner buffet, which was followed by the main meal, a midnight buffet and, of course, drinks. The whole thing rang in at $65,000.

She admits it was a lot of money. In fact, some of her guests weren’t prepared for the grandness of the event.


The Future of Farming in America’s Bread Basket (Ghostwriting)

Agribusiness is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. with China, Mexico and Canada as some of its biggest buyers. While it is a core industry for the economy, the February 2018 USDA’s Economic Research Service and Foreign Agricultural Service outlook projected 2018 agricultural exports at $139.5 billion, down $500 million from the November forecast.

Women Investing in Women

Female entrepreneurs struggle to get access to capital. Vicki Saunders plans to change that with her company that enables successful women to fund new, women-led enterprises. Read more...

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How to buy art

Whether you just want gorgeous images on your walls, or are looking for a new investment, buying art is a creative and potentially lucrative venture. Read more at More...

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Investing in Digital Accessibility

Financial institutions have been ignoring a large demographic for years. This group—customers with disabilities and their families—collectively controls $175 billion in discretionary spending in the U.S. alone. Read more Rewritten and edited by me from the original draft.  ...

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Searching for a way to bring back the light

When the photoreceptor cells in your retina die, the light vanishes. For good. But recent exciting work by Krembil’s Dr. Valerie Wallace, when studying cone photoreceptor transplants to the eye, has uncovered a novel and surprising property of material exchange between cells. Read more...

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Finding new methods for detecting glaucoma

Eyes might be the windows to the soul, but they don’t like to give up their own secrets, especially with diseases such as glaucoma. Musician and filmmaker Stelth Ng should know; he’s spent a decade in and out of the hospital because of his eyes....

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