How to prevent your hands from aging


The face no longer gives away a woman’s age, it’s the hands.

“There’s that moment when you look down and realize you’ve got your mother’s hands,” said a friend when I told her I was writing this article.

Most people take care of their face – moisturizers, serums, sunblock and cosmetic tweaks – but the hands (and the neck) are still neglected in the anti-aging race.

The headhunter’s role in the digital age

Headhunters used to be the source for smart, talented employees who were open to new opportunities. They had a database – or a rolodex – of people at their fingertips and they could quickly present clients with a short list of qualified potential workers.

Headhunters still help companies narrow down their field of candidates for a job.

But how relevant are headhunters in the digital age, when a human resources specialist can search using specific keywords on LinkedIn – the biggest job search engine in the world – and connect to hundreds of potential employees with a click of the mouse? Job seekers can leverage their contacts or apply directly to a hiring manager. All of this can be done without paying a headhunter a dime, so why contract one?