Why neighbourhoods need open space

I do bootcamp and every summer I sweat out some squats in a local park. When I walk home after class, I pass two retired men who are just chilling on a bench, people-watching. They’re there every night, sitting on that bench, usually drinking Tim Hortons or David’s Tea and talking. If it’s warm enough in winter, they’re back on that bench.

Leaving the credit card home

Mine is to be debt-free, apart from my mortgage, for 2013. I have a tiny bit of consumer debt so next month should see it wiped out (Yay!). The trick is to not build it back up. So that means leaving the credit card home. My...

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As in, who doesn't love something shiny especially with New Year's coming up? [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"] Here's some Kara Ross sparkle....

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Resolutions for 2013

Or rather, decision-making about how and where to spend money.

I was thinking about my financial goals for 2013 – paying down my mortgage, growing my business, the usual stuff – when I saw a tweet from @covetedclassics. She tweeted a link from Harper’s Bazaar. One resolution was to wear all the “good clothes” more often. I love this idea since most of us have one or more items that have been designated for special nights out. 

Writing for free

A repost with an update. I was a party last night and it got to the time of night when strangers start talking to each other. I told a man I was a writer and the conversation turned to writing for free. He asked if I...

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