Buying beauty presents

I've been asked how to buy beauty presents, usually on a budget because god knows it's not for my makeup techniques . I could write a column about it but honestly, the best advice is from Sali Hughes of The Guardian. Check out the rest of...

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Holiday shopping or why lists are great

I’m working on a gift guide for one of my outlets and have already started shopping for my family. Not friends – instead we get together, decorate our various trees and end up appropriately sodden by the end of the night admiring our work.

But gifts – good gifts are difficult to buy. Just yesterday my sister-in-law and I traded some gift suggestions and my mother and I had a call about the exact same topic.

My father? He texted me on the weekend wondering what to get my mother.

That’s why I’m resurrecting this mini-article/tip sheet I wrote when I was at Yahoo. The takeaway? Lists. Lists are good. 

Coworking spaces

When I was freelancing full-time I thought about renting a space where I could work without distractions. I have a small office space at home but it took a lot of discipline not to pop in a load of laundry whilst in the middle of an article.

It probably didn’t help that I spent most of my working hours on my couch – yes, working. Laptops are convenient that way. 

Shopping in New Orleans

Everyone talks about the food and music scene in New Orleans. Both are true because god knows that Gail and I have been eating our way through the city. In fact, we’re sitting by the pool working, accompanied by margaritas right now.

The shopping is very good here.

New Orleans

Just a picture of where we stayed in the French Quarter. [caption id="attachment_2217" align="aligncenter" width="538"] Where we stayed in the French Quarter in New Orleans[/caption] Matthew invited us down to New Orleans for a week to stay in his timeshare. His grandparents bought it and left it...

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