Woodworth’s Motion on Abortion (M-312)

I emailed Bob Rae's office expressing my thoughts on motion 312 which would call for a committe to decide when life begins. I'm pro-choice. We should all have the right to choose whether we have an abortion or not. This is not a matter of conscience,...

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Where to Find Canadian Fashion: A Beginning

Editor’s note: 132/3/2013: Updated thanks to the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week and the recent showing of Moose & Beaver.

I was watching the monthly Twitter chat Fashion Unfold when the topic of Canadian fashion came up. The topic, specifically was the difficulty in finding and buying it. There were two general conclusions:

Canadian fashion is hard to find –  it really isn’t.

Canadian fashion is expensive. Yes, compared to H&M and Zara, it is. 

Funny Political Money

[caption id="attachment_1743" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Faux money given out at a recent protest in front the CBC. Photo by me via Blackberry"][/caption] A colleague brought this back after lunch saying it was from a protest outside the CBC. Note how it's a protest against the Ontario Premier...

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