Old Navy’s Winter Winter Coats

I don’t have a black winter coat.

I’ve got a red winter coat, two leather jackets and a grey peacoat, but not a good black winter coat.

So when Old Navy asked me to check out their winter coats, I went to see what they had on offer. I haven’t gone into Old Navy for a while and when I have, it’s usually to pick up a cheap pair of flip flops or a bikini. It’s not the first place I think of for coats.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Just as The Gap has relaunched their denim and premium pants lines, Old Navy has also stepped up their game with their coats.

The long, double-breasted wool-blend coat with the faux-fur trim ($119) was my personal choice. It’s a slim fit and the coat has just enough vintage styling to it without feeling like you’re an extra in Mad Men.  The faux fur collar keeps the neck warm, eliminating the need for a scarf.

Other coats include the classic peacoat in grey, black, navy and green.

For a more feminine coat, there are some with ruffles on the placket. ($99.50)

And because military is everywhere, you can get the look for less:

I wore the coat the last two days and each time I got compliments which exactly what you want to hear.

Update: I saw from my analytics that someone wanted to know if the coats were warm. The coat I have is warm and I’ve been wearing it comfortably in temperatures of six degrees Celsius. It won’t keep you warm in minus 25 degree temperatures obviously, but one hopes you have a heavy winter coat for that.

[Photo credits: Old Navy]

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