The Wales bag from Nella-Bella

There are many ways to review a new bag. You look at the size, the depth, the colour and what it can hold.

Stuffing it with clothes, underwear and toiletries to sleep on your brother’s floor because your condo flooded isn’t usually the first step when testing a new bag.

Let me back track a little. I was gifted the Nella-Bella Wales bag in pink. It’s a medium-sized bag with a strap that turns it into a messenger bag and it’s made of Japanese paper. It turns out it’s a good emergency overnight bag.

It was Friday night when I walked into my condo and proceed to swear loudly. After calling my brother and wailing, “My condo is flooded!” I took my Nella-Bella bag which I was already carrying and turned it into an overnight bag. I shoved pyjamas, underwear, my toothbrush and other basic toiletries, and my insurance policy into the bag and headed over to my brother’s place to spend the night.

The bag held all of the above and still didn’t look overstuffed. It’s not the way I wanted to review the Wales bag from Nella-Bella, but I’ve been carrying this bag for the last few days and despite being temporarily displaced, I still looked put together even if I don’t feel like it.

[Source: Nella-Bella]

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