In which I admit to Wesley Badanjak that I was wrong

In all my years of covering lifestyle including fashion, I’ve never had to admit I’m wrong.

Pointing out that certain designers could have upped their game considering their sponsor? Still stand by that.

Noticing that hems should have been finished? Absolutely.

Admitting I was wrong about a colour? Yes, I will totally admit to that.

There I was at the Elle 10th anniversary party. I’m dressed up, saying hi to the friends I know and enjoying the party. That time of the time of the night arrives. You know what I’m talking about – the time when it’s only the truly dedicated who are still there and the alcohol has loosened tongues and everyone is having a really good time. I was talking to Wesley Badanjak, the designer of LOVAS and he pointed out that not even six months ago (I suspect it was five) I told him, in front the Drake after brunch, that I “wasn’t feeling the citron” from his Spring/Summer 2011 line because “I preferred the hot pink” pieces from his collection.

For the record, he didn’t accuse me and it was very friendly. And yes, I was wearing a citron dress. I told him, “Yes, I will happily admit I was wrong about citron.”

It proves that maybe fashion writers aren’t as infallible as they think they are and often maybe it does take six months (or five) months to get used to a colour. Whatever the reason, I am happy to admit I was wrong because you know what? Citron is a great colour and I need to be open-minded about new colours.

Although beige, camel and I will never get along. Sorry, you’re just a little too bland and make me look like death.

And Wesley can still set an amazing sleeve. Make sure you catch his Fall/Winter 2011 show at Fashion Week.

[Photo: Anita Clarke of I Want – I Got]

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