Saving Money #2: Make Do and Mend

Holey sweater

A little austerity chic is happening in my wardrobe right now. I have a weakness for dresses and did buy quite a few last year (didn’t blow my budget and paid cash, fyi) but this year I decided to cut back on my clothing budget and wear what I have in my closet. That includes remixing outfits and repairing anything damaged.

I am drawing the line at drawing on stockings though.

This green sweater is getting up there in age, it’s maybe six or seven years old. I wear it a lot during winter and have shaved it once or twice.

It has little holes at the neckline. I hate losing things I love and look good in (the sweater’s wool!) so I pulled out my needle and thread and attempted to close those suckers.

While I leave the complicated stuff to the professionals, I learned sewing basics in high school in form one. I can hem, darn and do a really sloppy buttonhole. I also remember having to make a pair of knickers in an ugly brown material so I guess I also know how to run elastic but it’s been years since I had to do that.

The green thread in the bottom of the photo is the one used for repairs

That cute collection of thread is from the dollar store. The package cost $2.00 and has 24 tiny spools of thread. The colours are more than your basic white/black/red/blue/grey. It has a green that was a pretty good approximate to my sweater. So at 10:00 p.m. I sat down and darned.

And done!

Not too bad! It should last another year or two before the pilling’s really bad. There’s only so many times you can shave a sweater before it starts looking like a hairnet.

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