How to Consign or the State of my Floor

I’m working on a piece about consigning. Motivated, I decided to tackle my own closet.

My floor. My parents are shaking their heads right now.

The box on the left is the donate box. I’m going to call the Canadian Diabetes Association and ask them to pick it up. I got rid of items I haven’t worn in a while due to sizing, lifestyle changes and a lack of interest in them.

I also do ridiculous things like this:

This is the after:

After. Donated clothes ready to go and you can see the floor.

What was interesing was while I was getting rid of the clothes, I could see the progression of my style. If they didn’t fit my style – dresses, skirts, lots of colour – they went right into the donate pile. If they were of good quality, I put them into the consign pile. I might as well get a little cash for them.


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