Heel relief from Damn Heels.

It’s been a while since I updated. I’m sorry about that – I’ve been working on articles for new outlets and pitching like a fiend. (And by fiend I mean freelancer.)

I went to my only show yesterday – Lucian Matis – because his stuff is beautiful and he cuts for a woman with breasts and a bottom.  Also, I’m friends with his PR rep, Gail McInnes. Part of going to the shows is sometimes wearing ridiculous high heels. I say “sometimes” because sometimes I just don’t bother. When I do, I tend to wear my black Manolos. Comfortable enough for heels but tiring after a while.

Here’s where these come in:


Those are Damn Heels, foldable flats you can tuck into your bag. Unlike other fold-up flats, these have some structure, including an actual sole. I have Dr. Scholls flats and they’re like wrapping your foot in a flimsy faux-plasticky sockette.

Damn Heels come in a clutch so you can tuck them away and not have them touch other things in your bag and it makes changing your shoes in a semi-public or public space just a little more glamorous. (Well, as much as it can be.)

Added: The clutch does open up to a bigger fabric bag so you can carry your heels. 

Of course, if you’re going to market these, you need to go where there are painful feet. You can’t really see it behind the picture, but Hailey, creator of Damn Heels and Charise, the PR took a smart car around Toronto with the clutches and set up shop. Women with tired feet were very happy.

Photo by Charise Garcia, taken from her Instagram feed.

They are $55  but they’re not disposable and they’re discreet, perfect for the holidays. I like them for anyone who wears heels.

Editor’s note: Size up when you get a pair. I’m a 9 to 9.5 and I got a 10.

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