More winter coats from Old Navy

“Winter coat,” “green pea coat” and “Old Navy coat” are some of my regular search terms, so people who search, this one is for you.

I still have my black wool trench coat from Old Navy. I still wear it in temperatures between minus five and five degrees Celsius  It looks good and keeps me warm.

This year, Old Navy has another green coat. Well, more mint actually but it does fall under “green pea coat.”

A green (mint) pea coat.

If you were one of the people who searched under “Old Navy coat” why not try this one:

It comes with a faux fur collar. I took mine off because the fur got matted rather fast and looked more carpet than fur. It’s under $100 and looks smart.

Edited to add: I’ve been asked whether the mint green coat is still in stores. I asked a member of the GAP pr team and unfortunately it looks like it’s sold out.

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