Non-black winter coats

Yes, I know it’s still warm out but coats are in store and so far I’ve had two conversations about how Canadians really, really like black winter coats. Maybe I have that conversation every single year.

I have many winter coats, most of them black apart from that one red one. Yes, you need many coats to cope with the different temperatures of a Toronto winter. Some days you need a coat that works for temperatures up to -10, sometimes you need one that works in temperatures up to -25 (with the windchill factor).

So if you’re going to get  winter coat, maybe not a black one? This one from Nicholas, is a gorgeous cobalt. It is very expensive but I highlight it for the colour and a more wearable take on the cocoon shape.

Everyone will see you coming.

Nicholas winter coat. Photos courtesy of

Nicholas winter coat. Photos courtesy of

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