Weekly read: Finding creativity, asking for money and taking underwater photos

This week, tips on how to be a better writer, figuring out how much to bill clients and taking newborn photos. 

I suggest you do item three on this list in private unless you want some strange looks. (Globe and Mail, paywall)

Don’t be afraid to ask for more money. In most cases, they’ll say yes. If they don’t, do you want to take the job? (Globe and Mail, paywall)

How much do people make in Canadian TV? Quite a bit if you work at CTV or CBC. (canada.com and CRTC.com)

I have read some of the best and worst stories in this genre. Funnily, a particular comic book series isn’t mentioned at all. (The Guardian)

Some pretty solid advice here for aspiring writers. (PARADE)

Ignore the sales pitch and her method isn’t mine but she has some valid points about creating different revenue streams. (Inkwell Editorial) (editor’s note: updated as the author is a woman.)

A friend of mine just came back from the West Indies and some of you might be heading somewhere warm. So why not learn how to take great underwater photos? (Swimmersdaily)

As I have a new niecelet and I will take pictures of her, these tips are very useful. (Creativelive.com)

Check out smartphone photographers for tips and photographs.

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