Gushing: You Curl Curling Wand by ConAir

Indulge me for a moment. I usually don’t do product reviews because everyone does them and this isn’t the purpose of this blog but sometimes I want to give a shout out to a company that makes a product I really, really like and actually use. It’s the You Curl by ConAir and it’s marvellous.

People think having curly hair means washing it, throwing some product in it and you’re done. It really doesn’t. First, you have to find the right product which leads to the dreaded ‘cocktailing’ of products to get shine, curl definition and a lack of crunch. Then there’s the technique. How you dry your hair, whether you plop it, how you apply the product and whether you twist your hair. Then you go outside and the humidity ruins it unless you use industrial-strength frizz-fighting products.

So yes, I’m a little obsessed with my hair.

I was at Rock It’s annual Holiday preview and I was walking past the ConAir and John Frieda displays. There was a lot of hair-related technology on display and I was going to do my usual routine of talking to the experts and getting information for various holiday-related articles. Then I heard the refrain, “Would you like to try out our products on your hair?”

“Um,” I said, “Only if you don’t straighten it. I like my hair curly.” I said this because every time someone offers to do my hair at these events, I end up with straight hair which is fine but it’s really not me. They reassured me that no, they wouldn’t straighten my hair but in fact, had a tool that was made for curly hair. It was a curling iron but it had no clip. I sat down and the stylist whipped my then frizzy hair (You have been in Toronto recently, yes?) into frizz-free curls that did not resemble Taylor Swift’s hair. Which is important. Prom curls are horrid and so patently fake if your hair doesn’t curl like that naturally.

I loved my hair after but wanted to know if I could replicate the look at home. When I tried it, it was really easy and my hair looked great. It also took less than ten minutes to do which is also a good thing because my hair routine is already ridiculous.

The barrel is tapered which gives you the choice of looser or tighter curls and the You Curl comes with a glove which lets you touch the barrel for brief moments. Me, I’m happy I don’t have to re-wet my hair on a daily basis to keep the curl formation.

Disclaimer: I received the You Curl courtesy of ConAir and Rock it Promotions. However I would have bought it.

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