Why I’m Saving And Whiny About It

Camilla Skovgaard boots (photo courtesy of eBay)

See those? I want them. I want them badly but I haven’t bought them. I’m trying to be good but it’s really, really hard. I’m trying to keep my goals in mind to keep me from buying shoes I don’t really need and dresses I also don’t need.

London (Photo source: UK, England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland tourist authority)

There’s one reason right there. I went a few years ago and only hung out in Zones 1 and 2. I’d like to go back and do it without putting myself in debt.

Money (photo from Rick / Creative Commons)

I also need to continue saving for retirement. I write about personal finance so I receive a lot of information about Canadians’ saving habits (we don’t save enough). I don’t have a pension but I do have RRSPs, a tax-free savings account and some investments. I’m motivated by the type of life I want when I’m retired but mostly I don’t want to live in a box under the Gardiner.

Also, I want hardwood floors and to pay off my mortgage sooner rather than later.

I’ve used that old trick of writing things down with the hope that seeing them on paper will keep me on track. I try to keep these goals in mind when I’m trying on the zillionth pair of shoes. Even if they’re on sale.



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