The Third Annual Passion For Fashion Awards

Passion For Fashion 2012 Participants (photo by Ryan Emberley)

Yesterday I attended the third annual Passion For Fashion Awards. I went to see what was new and upcoming in the Toronto fashion market. As I joked to a friend, “The next big thing who might have to move to another country to make it big and find support.” (Looks at various levels of government).

I was pleased to mingle with and talk to a few of the 12 finalists. While they all work in design (clothes, jewelry, accessories), each of them has something different to offer and I ended up arranging to interview a couple of them. Funnily enough, not directly about fashion itself.

I’ll linked to them once they’re published.

Me talking to one of the finalists. With added hands. (Photo by Ryan Emberley)


A Passion for Fashion (PFF) is a program that works with Youth Employment Services and the Toronto Fashion Incubator to help new design talent. Fashion designers between the age of 16 to 29 can take workshops and receive mentoring from experts in the fashion industry.

Twelve of the participants in the PFF program and watched as they competed for three prizes. They were Candice Faust, Kallvis Gents, Violetta Holl, Andy Jones, Natalia Kelenc, Sin-Young Gloria Kim, Sage Paul, Pranavi Suthagar, Emily Woudenberg, Dylan Uscher, Consuelo McAlister, and Nadine Woods.

The winners were:

Passion For Fashion Award 2012
Emily Woudenberg ($1,000 plus mentorship)

Eveleen Dollery Award
Dylan Uscher ($1,000)

Eveleen Dollery Award Runner Up
Consuelo McAlister ($500)

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