Eighties Flashback or Stay on My Lawn: Denim Jackets

One of the joys of getting older is seeing trends come back into fashion. Floral jeans and neon being two of them. I also saw a teenager wearing a shreded t-shirt the other day. Remember those? You took an oversized t-shirt, shredded it and tied knots at the end.

Thank god I’m too old for that. It was awful then and it’s awful now. One trend that’s back and makes me happy is the denim jacket.

The angry about kim chi photo. I am never not going to be amused by this. (Photo by Septembre Anderson). Guess the trend?

I had a denim jacket when I was younger and it was a big, baggy thing. Now the jackets are sleek and look perfect over a dress or jeans (double denim but that’s been around for a few years) during cool spring nights. Just don’t add patches and buttons. Remember that?

Gail McInnes in her denim jacket with a Wonder Woman t-shirt

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