Sunblock for Brown Skin (and others)

On days like this I like to be outside.

Sunny day; Toronto

A sunny day in toronto

That doesn’t mean I want to be in the sun. I’m usually armed with a big straw hat – the bigger, the better – and sunblock. I’m a little obsessed with sunblock.

Bottles of sunblock

Hmm. Half of them are expired. I think.

I discussed my obsession with sunblock last year so I won’t talk about the whys here. I do spend time trying to find a good sunblock that isn’t too greasy, isn’t too oily, doesn’t leave an ashy coating on my skin, easy to rinse off, doesn’t smell horrid and doesn’t leave me feeling like dried out, tacky leather. I have no desire to be a handbag by the end of summer.

I bought the Vichy Capital Soliel High Protection Suncare Oil in SPF 30 ($29 plus tax) and used it all weekend. I like it. You spray it on and rub it in. Be careful as you can over spray and end up looking like you were just basted and about to be put in a roasting pan at 400 degrees, conveniently the temperature of Toronto in July.

vichy capital soleil suncare oil

The suncare oil. And a drink.

The oil leaves a little sheen on the skin and smells lovely. It also helps prevent your skin from drying out. The downside is it’s an oil. You need to wait a few minutes before texting someone otherwise you will be wiping oily fingerprints off your phone. It also washes off very easily in the shower.

I put a bit of it on my face and yes, it does leave it shiny so that’s strictly a preference thing. The best thing I think is to layer it until you’ve covered and before you look basted.

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