The Closing of Mexx at Yonge and Eglinton

Mexx store Yonge and Eglinton closing

The Mexx store at Yonge and Eglinton

Well, that didn’t last long. This Mexx store has been open for less than two years. I remember going to the opening in the fall of 2010. The store has two levels. The upper level was kids and maternity and the lower level catered to men and women. They shut down the upper level about a year ago, getting rid of the maternity clothing, and had kids, men and women on the lower level. Now they’re closing.

I would go in to look but I never really saw anyone shopping in the store. I think it’s a clear indication that most stores don’t really know or do enough research about locations. On paper, Mexx should work in this area. It’s surrounded by Lawrence Park, Forest Hill and Rosedale. There’s money of all levels so you would think they would spend it in the area. They don’t, at least the Forest Hill/Rosedale/Lawrence Park residents probably don’t. Stores that seem to succeed are traditional pubs and Asian-fusion restaurants, coffee shops, burger places and oddly enough, lingerie stores.

Oh yes, there are six lingerie stores from Eglinton to Lawrence – La Senza, Secrets from Your Sister, Tres Jolie, Change, Beestung and Mel Mira.

There are the fancy restaurants of Centro and North 44 but there isn’t enough patio space. There is an Aroma but too many Starbucks. The area is close to Yonge and Bloor and the Eaton Centre so chain clothing stores may not be the answer. There is a Tommy Bahamas in the area and I’m interested in seeing how long that lasts. Theres a Gap and a Club Monaco and I don’t know how they survive since they barely carry anything.

There is a lot of foot traffic but not a lot of that goes into the stores. The area has money but obviously that money is not being spent here.


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