Painting my Walls

I’ve lived here for three years and haven’t taken on any sort of renovation work. Part of the reason is I was freelancing full-time last year and was terrified I wouldn’t have enough work. (Now I know better.) 

So I’ve decided to paint my walls as a first step. Right now the living room is a yellowy cream (ugh!), the bedroom is a bland creamy white, my bathroom is white and my kitchen is grey.

I’m thinking one of these two colours. It doesn’t look like they’re different but they are:

The one of the left is Great White and the one on the right is Strong White. Both are by Farrow and Ball. I want neutral walls so that I can continue to use reds, pinks, greys and blues in my furniture. I don’t want boring walls. Strong White has a bit of grey in it but isn’t obnoxious and cold.

I’m testing them out for the next week or so while I try to find a painter who can repair walls (my condo is 20-something years old) and has used Farrow and Ball paint. If you know a good painter, share in the comments?

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