A sporty, smaller fridge by SMEG

I have a tiny kitchen, practically a kitchenette. This is fine when cooking, I don’t have to reach far for anything but it does tax the storage capacity and the ability to have a good kitchen party.

My wee kitchen does have stainless appliances, if you are into that look and they are all full-sized. Full-sized for a giant kitchen. Mine is maybe 8 feet by 8 feet and it has this ridiculously huge fridge in it. I can only think the previous owners must have got it at a scratch and dent sale. It’s huge, I can’t see over the top and it sticks out, unaligned with the stove. Poor choice of fridge.

Condo-sized appliances. Seriously, it would make my kitchen look bigger. That’s why I’m thinking about this fridge.

 Yes, it’s a SMEG and yes, it’s all over the blogosphere but it’s condo-sized and Italian.

So maybe I will never get a porsche but I can have something red (or blue. It does come in 10 colours), sleek and rather sporty-looking.

(Found at the Drake General Store)

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