The last heady days of summer and summer guests

I love having guests over. I’ve got a couch and I can borrow an air mattress if I’m playing host to more than one guest at a time. Since I have a small space, it’s all very make do. 

I had three guests this past weekend who were down to attend a convention. That meant they were sleeping by me and didn’t need me to show them around town.

I tend to be a relaxed hostess, sometimes to the point of saying, “Here’s the key, the glasses are here, here’s a towel, toilet paper is under the sink” and disappearing. It’s a very sleepover mentality.

I sometimes wonder if I should be a more involved hostess. I love shelter magazines that features beautiful guest bedrooms with pristine white (or blue) sheets and towels on the bed. It’s gorgeous but I prefer to be a hostess outside my home, which as I’ve said, is quite small. So instead of providing a beautiful dinner, I’d rather take them out. I don’t cook brunch – I prefer to show them good spots for it.

When you have guests over, do you cook and provide the entire experience or do you provide a bed, towel and key and let them fend for themselves?

The weekend wasn’t all friends. I spent some time with my family, amusing my nephew with my phone and eating many baby tomatoes that my niece picked. Sunday afternoon was spent with my friends Juan Carlos and Ryan. They recently moved and the walk to their new home was lovely.

Some of the homes on my walk

Once there, we caught up on life, jobs and the usual chat on their rooftop.

Of course, it is hard to have a Toronto view without a crane but over all, the last days of summer are treating us very, very well.

Ryan, Juan Carlos and I walked along Belmont road towards the subway. This walk, which was new to me, took us past many heritage buildings. They were designated heritage 30 years ago.

Toronto heritage sign

Toronto heritage sign

And as if we didn’t know fall was coming, acorns!




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