Zara pleated skirt


This time of year, thoughts turn to fall fashion. As a friend said this week, “I’m ready for fall fashion, I’m just not ready for fall.” That sums up my attitude as well. Fall fashion, yes. Fall, no. 

I wear skirts throughout fall and winter – the secret is a silk slip and wool tights. The slips you can find in any lingerie shop. I recommend silk because polyester can get staticky. Wool will also keep you warm and you won’t feel as encased in a sausage skin as with other tights.

So this skirt is lovely. I wouldn’t wear it that way. It’s too uniform for me. What is it with styling pleated skirts to reference school and little girls? Please stop with that as well as the pigeon-toed stance that seems to come with it. (I did wear a pleated skirt as part of my school uniform.)

Also, it’s very severe. Danish severe. So it’s very Danish uniform right now. It’s a look that requires minimal breasts.

I’ll throw on a chunky sweater and some tall boots instead. Warmer and far less uniform.

There is this version from Aritzia, as pointed out by a friend. Much more elegant in the colour and drape.

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