Betting on the horses at Woodbine Racetrack

I’m not one to bet on horses – or anything at all  – but when Natalie invited me out for an afternoon at Woodbine Racetrack, I said yes. Why not? I spent yesterday lounging sluglike on my couch eating nectarines. Watching the Pattison Canadian International would be fun.

Also, horses. I was never one for wanting a pony but I did take riding lessons. My horse was a lovely older gentleman with a calm demeanour. Not like these ones.

We also got a chance to get close to the horses before they ran their races. Some were just not willing to stretch. I’d be mad too if someone was pulling on my leg.

It was my first time at the tracks and I had a great time. I was ahead when I read the history of the horses, looked through the stats and looked at the horses. When I got excited or went with my instinct, I lost money. So lessons learned  – don’t go staring at horses.

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