The Margaret Dabbs dry pedicure, no water allowed

We will never give up heels and thankfully, Margaret Dabbs, the queen of feet and heel lover, (nude, 3 inches) agrees with us. She created her groundbreaking medical pedicure in London a decade ago: blending a visit to your podiatrist with a pedicure, no water allowed.

It’s just three simple steps to beautiful and healthy feet, perfect for summer.

Step 1. Podiatrist Tamara files away the dry skin. (“Water can obscure issues with your feet,” she says in her lovely Spanish accent) There are no sharp instruments, instead just a file with disposable crystal strips. Tamara runs her expert eye on my shoes. They’re flat, pointy and a bit boring (“Heels and flats can both be bad.”), but Tamara approves of the good quality, the inserts and the rubber soles.

Step 2. After filing, she shapes the cuticles and softens the calluses that result from improperly-fitting shoes.

Step 3. Tamara buffs the nails, creating a shine that lasted a week. She finishes with their Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil, both with vitamins A, E and emu oil.

Dabbs recommends doing the treatment on your schedule and using her treatment to maintain your feet between appointments. The original treatment is $150 and a version of Dabb’s medical pedicure is available in Toronto at Glow Medi Spa for $65.

If you want to get a pedicure at Dabb’s salon, expect to start at £80.

Tamara gave us her professional assessment – apart from dry feet, a slightly fallen arch on the left foot and indications of too much pressure on the balls of our feet, they were healthy.

It’s just a shame we had to tuck them away in our practical flats down to Oxford street.

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